Why We Do What We Do

Education is key to growth. We know that and here in the UK benefit from excellent education. Uganda is in the process of improving its education, and Uganda Christian University (UCU) is playing its part in this.

UCU is unique: it is a Christian institution of higher education, fully licensed by the Ministry of Education and owned by the Church of Uganda. It offers a wide range of academic courses to people from all corners of Uganda and East Africa, regardless of their faith or background.

So, teaching teachers is vital. Teaching business, law, engineering students is vital to help the economy grow. Teaching lawyers, clergy, social workers is vital, to help the society and culture grow. UCU provides top quality graduates in all these subjects and many more.

There are many challenges for Uganda, and UCU, help is needed in lots of ways. Sharing also benefits the giver as much as the receiver. Uganda has so much to offer. Please,  get in touch with us, whatever your skill set, it’s a case of many hands make light work!

This short video is a warm greeting from staff and students at UCU.