“My grandson, coming up on two years in 2018, is a stark reminder of what Uganda doesn’t have in medical care.

John’s grandson: alive because modern medicine saved him.

There was no-one in our country who could fix his tiny heart that was broken from birth.

My daughter and her husband flew with him to India, while we remained behind and prayed.

The World Health Organisation ranks Uganda’s healthcare as one of the worst in the world. One in 300 births ends a mother’s life. Malaria causes 14% of deaths. One million people have HIV.

The first Uganda Christian University School of Medicine’s 60 students – 50 in medicine and 10 in dentistry and more than half female – started classes in early September of 2018 with hopes to graduate this first class in 2022.

I realize that most Ugandans can’t afford to fly a loved one 3,418 miles for a life-saving procedure. I know, too, that UCU’s medical school can’t heal all the sick or eliminate Uganda’s health care needs.  But what we’re doing will save lives that would otherwise be lost.”

John Senyonyi, Vice Chancellor, Uganda Christian University

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