Equipment Campaign

“Whilst I was in Uganda I worked for UCU as Public Relations Officer. One day a chap dashed into my office, clearly in distress. As I asked him what was wrong I saw that he was covered in blood. He explained that a girl had fallen off a motorbike and was very ill. I called the medical department, we got the Student Union bus and drove her to the local small hospital. She’d had an epileptic fit, and her head was like jelly. They had no equipment there to properly care for her, I don’t even think they had electricity. Unfortunately, she died.

Three years ago I had a brain haemorrhage. Thanks to the brilliant NHS, with all their ambulances, equipment and knowledge, I lived. We are hugely blessed in the UK with resources we don’t have to pay for when we need them.”

Story from Cath Hitchin, Liaison Officer

UCU has been brave in starting a school of medicine, the total cost of further equipment to provide a good education for the students is approximately £200,000. This is a real challenge for UCU, but somewhere that we can really practically help. Have a look at the list below, most of the items are unidentifiable to us – however were we in a medical emergency we’d want to know our doctor had benefitted from them in their training.

Let’s save lives in the long term by investing in UCU!

Here is the list of equipment that they need at the School of Medicine. Please buy part of something or a whole thing! Go to our donation page to pay, and email us to advise what you’ve bought.

ItemQuantity  Cost 
Grant’s dissectors, 1 per student, 70 total70 units £  3,325.00
Acland anatomy 1 £  3,125.00
Visible body 1 £  3,125.00
LWW Health library 1 £  3,125.00
Laboratory fridges 2 £  2,083.33
Chemicals1 £  6,250.00
Pulleys1 £     625.00
Microscopes10 £12,500.00
Power lab 1 £11,875.00
Blood pathology slide set 2 £     416.67
General nerve tissue slide set 2 £  1,250.00
Pulse oximeter2 £  1,875.00
Ophthalmoscope 2 £     625.00
Spirometer 1 £  1,041.67
Tread mill1 £  1,250.00
Bicycle ergo meter 1 £  1,979.17
Diagnostic table 1 £     833.33
Centrifige 2 £  1,041.67
UV spectrophotometer1 £  1,041.67
Colorimeter  and accompanying filters10 £  2,083.33
Refractometers10 £  1,041.67
Urinometer10 £  1,041.67
Distillation apparatus1 £  4,166.67
Generator3 £37,500.00
Station wagon 1 £37,500.00
26 seater vehicle1 £41,666.67
Copier 3 £  9,375.00
Spares and accessories £10,416.67
Scholarships2 £  4,166.67