UCU Granted Permission To Run Bachelor Of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery and Bachelor of Dentistry!

Dr Senyonyi writes:

Greetings in Christ.
It is with joy and utmost gratitude to God for me to announce that yesterday we received from the National Council for Higher Education the letter of accreditation for the two programmes (amongst others) to be offered by UCU.
  1. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
  2. Bachelor of Dental Surgery.
Henceforth UCU will be training Medical doctors and Dentists. You will recall that this programme will be taught mainly at Namirembe; the historic and first Hospital in Uganda, Mengo Hospital, is our teaching Hospital.
  1. I thank His Grace, the Archbishop and Chancellor of UCU, who was very instrumental in bringing UCU and Mengo Hospital together to this understanding.
  2. I also thank you all for your prayers over the long wait. People have given us prayer support within Uganda and abroad.
  3. I also thank the many Christian medical workers who have worked hard to bring to birth this school. They had a committee to prepare for this. Whenever we needed assurance to the National Council for Higher Education during this process, these Christians from across the denominational divide have been dependable to find a solution. Praise the LORD for them. Their one conviction has been that Uganda Christian University has made a Christian mark as a success story both nationally and globally. They believed that this Christian university is necessary to and for Africa.
Needless to say, this is just the beginning but an exciting journey. Let us remember that the Church of Uganda pioneered the training of medical personnel in Uganda, especially in Nursing. And the Church of Uganda has been at the forefront of education; she currently has the largest number of primary and secondary schools in the country. We owe it to our country, our continent and to the global family, to equip Christian medical personnel using our tested and proven Christian ethos.

Pray for the UCU School of Medicine:

  1. God to be seen and glorified through this endeavour. That the School will reflect what UCU has come to be known for, as a truly authentic Christian institution.
  2. That the LORD will provide the necessary resources: finances, equipment, buildings and personnel. We shall need more spaces and more facilities, especially as the years go by. What we have now is for the first intake only of up to 70 students.
  3. The student selection process. While many have already applied, we can take at most 50 for Medicine and 20 for Dentistry in each year.
  4. Pray for the staff that we have so far selected: the Dean of the School and his staff members.
  5. God’s wisdom to us as Management and indeed the University Council, to be faithful to God’s purpose in this school. May each step be immersed in prayer, filled with the love of God.

God is repeating what He did before through missionaries like Dr. Alfred Tucker; a small seed but we know He will cause it to grow. Amen.

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